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Welcome to Design.com, your one-stop destination for creating stunning logos for your courses. Our logo maker is designed to help you create professional logos that reflect the unique identity of your courses. We understand that your course logo is an important aspect of your branding, and we are here to help you create a logo that stands out from the rest.

Our course logos are designed to be simple, yet effective. We offer a wide range of logo templates that you can customize to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a logo for your online course, workshop, or training program, we have got you covered. Our logos are designed to be easy to use, and you can customize them with your own text, colors, and fonts.

We have a wide range of course logos to choose from, including education logos, training logos, and workshop logos. Our logos are designed to be versatile, so you can use them on your website, social media, and marketing materials. With our logo maker, you can create a professional-looking logo in just a few minutes.

So why wait? Start creating your course logo today with Design.com. Our logo maker is easy to use, and we offer a wide range of templates to choose from. Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or freelancer, we have got the perfect logo for your courses.

How it works

It's easy to create your Course logo at Design.com

In a matter of minutes create a truly remarkable course logo. At Design.com you can make a logo using our free to use logo maker. Backed by advanced artificial intelligence, it's never been easier to create your dream course logo. Get started now!


Find a course logo

Browse thousands of beautiful course logos or search with your business name and keyword.


Edit your course logo

Edit all aspects of your course logo including colors, fonts, layout and more. You course logo is 100% customizable.


Your course logo is ready!

Share your newly created course logo. Download all the files you need to start using your course logo.

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How to

How do I create my course logo with Design.com?

It's simple to create your course logo at Design.com. You'll have a beautiful course logo to share with the world in a matter of seconds by following the these steps.

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Discover beautiful course logos by entering your business name - Design.com will use advanced algorithms to generate course logos related to your business. Simply browse the generated logo and choose one you love.

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Improve your search

Can't see the course logo you really love? No problem! Simply update your search by entering related keywords. We'll generate more course logos instantly.

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Shortlist logos

Start to create a list of course logos you like by adding them to a handy "shortlist". Use the heart symbol on each logo to add the design to a shortlist so that you can come back and find them later. Add or remove as many logos as you like.

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Customize your logo

Now you've chosen a course logo that you like, turn it into your dream logo by customizing the colors, fonts and layout. Take your course logo to the next level with Design.com's easy-to-use editing tools.

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Preview your design

Once you've finished customising your course logo, you can preview it on apparel, signage and more. Make sure to check out how your brand new course logo looks in the wild.

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Download logo files

Now you've got the perfect course logo, download all the files you need, instantly. Get access to high resolution and scalable vector files - so you can use your new logo quickly and easily.

Frequently asked questions

Creating your course logo with Design.com is a breeze - however, here are some FAQs in case there are any hiccups.

  • What is the Design.com course logo maker?

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    Design.com's course logo maker lets you generate the perfect course logo. With a library of thousands of premium, customizable course logos - creating your perfect logo is so easy. You can edit the fonts, colors, layout and more of every single logo in our library to create a design that is truly yours.
  • Do I get a transparent version of my course logo?

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    Every logo created at Design.com comes with a transparent version when you download your course logo in PNG format. It doesn't matter if you've created a course logo with a background color - solid or gradient, we'll still provided a version of your logo with a transparent background for your convenience - ready to be used on your social profiles or on your website.
  • What layout works best for course logos?

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    You should aim to make your course logo shine brighter than the rest. It should communicate to your audience, customers, fans, and competitors that you're serious about what you do. There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for the layout of your logo, but consider the message you want it to convey. A minimalist design can suggest refinement and class, whereas a more energetic layout might evoke a sense of excitement or exploration. Browse through our collection of course logos to find a design that resonates with you, then tailor it to suit your specific needs. Additionally, explore existing logos, paying close attention to their layout, color palettes, thematic elements, and font choices.
  • What text should I choose for my course logo?

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    Choosing the right name for your course logo is crucial. Opt for text that not only represents your business but also reflects the quality of service you offer, while also appealing to your customers. If you're feeling stuck, exploring course logos from other companies can spark inspiration. Keep in mind that your logo's name should be memorable and agreeable to everyone on your team. Aim for simplicity in the text, utilizing a bold, clean font that ensures easy recognition of your logo.
  • How do I find the right course logo?

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    In essence, logos serve as visual embodiments of your business's essence. The course logo you select will inevitably become inseparable from your brand, making it crucial to choose wisely. At Design.com, you gain access to a rich library brimming with course logos crafted by skilled designers worldwide. Discovering the ideal logo is as straightforward as perusing the library, tailoring it to your preferences, and downloading. Bear in mind, opting for simplicity with three or fewer colors and crisp fonts yields a compelling, attention-grabbing logo.
  • How do I add a tagline to my course logo?

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    Adding a tagline to your course logo is a simple way to elevate its impact. Typically positioned beneath your logo, a tagline comprises a brief phrase, such as a motto or catchy expression. Effective taglines are comprised of three to seven memorable words. Similar to an advertising jingle or beloved song lyric, this supplementary text reinforces the connection between your design and brand. With Design.com's free course logo maker, incorporating a tagline takes just a few clicks.
  • Can I download my course logo instantly?

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    Absolutely! With your flawless course logo in hand, it's time to unleash its potential. Design.com empowers you to swiftly download your logo and grants access to all essential files. From crafting Business Cards to marketing materials, printing, website integration, blog utilization, and enhancing social media posts, Design.com furnishes the perfect files tailored to your needs. All necessary logo files await you in your account, ready to fuel your brand's journey.
  • Do I get my course logo in vector format?

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    Certainly! Your Design.com course logo comes in various formats, including vector files such as PDF and SVG. Regardless of the scale you require, your logo will maintain its excellence. Vector files are ideal for generating print layouts and illustrations, guaranteeing consistent quality and appearance across diverse formats and dimensions.