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Wheat Bread Pastry Logo

Introducing the Wheat Bread Pastry logo, a charming emblem that embodies the essence of a cozy café and rustic kitchen. This vintage-inspired logo captures the artistry of a traditional patisserie, where homemade delights are crafted with love. The centerpiece of the logo is a golden wheat stalk, symbolizing the wholesome goodness of freshly baked bread. Surrounding the wheat are delicate pastry shapes, showcasing the mastery of the skilled baker. The logo's warm, earthy tones evoke a sense of comfort and nostalgia, while the subtle hints of an oven add a touch of authenticity. Perfect for a boulangerie or any establishment that prides itself on artisanal treats, the Wheat Bread Pastry logo is a delightful representation of the delectable delights that await within.

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